Sunday, 6 June 2010

Melbourne PMA & APPA

I am here in Melbourne in the Docklands after two full on days surrounded by photography at PMA and the APPA judging. It's been a great experience so far and I've resisted spending money on all the cool gadgets, lenses, albums, casings, cameras, printers etcetera etcetera.

While the expo is on in town, I am staying at the place I used to live at with my old time friend Sam, and now also with his girlfriend Kim. When the expo finishes I head back to Rowville to hang out with my Auntie and Colin, her husband, as well as their cute little dog Anthony.

So far the experience has been great. The prints being judged are amazing - the people I've met have been fantastic too. A lot of well known, skilful, world class photographers as well as new comers who are eager to learn and others who have fantastic products. The quality of some photographic products are stunning and I look forward to having samples of these in my office.

Friday night was the first night in town. I caught up with Sam and met his Girlfriend for the first time. We went to a place called JWOW for drinks. We then went to Spicy Fish in little bourke street for some awesome food. Saturday was an early start at PMA. At 8am the judging was on and I was there to watch. That evening, a bunch of SA people went to Southbank for dinner at a place called Noodle House. The Lamb Rendang Curry was A-grade. Following this, we went to a place in the casino for dessert and drinks. I was introduced to the b-52 shot.

Now I am in the docklands apartment and about to begin the journey back to the exhibition centre to resist buying everything.

Here's some pics I've taken so far.

Some interior decorations at the Melbourne convention centre

A mojito.

Signing out,

- Ben (on the road & on the iPhone)


Friday, 4 June 2010

It's alive!!

After a very long stretch of time since my last update on this blog, I have decided to resuscitate it. Mouth to resuscitation.

*puff puff*

Here we go!

Yesterday I embarked on my first holiday since I started the business two years ago. The first stop is Melbourne for PMA and the Canon APPAs. For those of you who don't know what they are, its everything photography and a professional photography competition. I've never been to PMA before so I'll write another post soon about it.

The next stop is Malaysia for 3 weeks. This is a triple purpose trip. The first reason is to photograph everything, secondly is to suss out possible business opportunities and thirdly it's to relax and visit my Dad and explore my old home town. More to come as it happens!

Some pics of the first leg of my trip (at Adelaide Airport)

Where ya


The point at which the bridge connects to the Aeroplane.

Singing out.

-Ben (on the road, on the iPhone)

Location:Dandelion Dr,Rowville,Australia

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Family Portrait session @ Headquarters, Richmond SA

Family Portrait with Hal, Jedd, Matt and Sam. Shot in the studio @ Richmond, SA.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Pandarama B&W Party @ Buddha Bar Gouger Street, Adelaide

The Australia Asia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) put on an event at the Buddha Bar in Gouger Street, Adelaide to raise funds for the Panda's that will be arriving into Adelaide shortly. Funi and Wang Wang will be housed at the Adelaide Zoo.

The model is Tara and she is wearing a dress designed by Damian Porcaro of Porcelain.

This shoot organized by Vice President of the AACCI, Mia Dion and President Irena Zhang. Benjamin Liew Photography came on board as a sponsor and also covered the event which was the following weekend.

Text of Strength SMS promo for Showdown 2009 - TVC Stills

Television Commercial still shots taken of Gavin Wanganeen and Mark Riciutto, both ex AFL captains in an arm wrestling match. This was part of a television SMS competition campaign to be aired during the 2009 showdown between the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide match.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Tyson @ Waymouth Street Carpark Adelaide, SA

Tyson is a young man on a big mission. He helps organisations improve overall effectiveness which makes the organisation much more valuable.

These images were taken at the Waymouth Street carpark, which has since been demolished. The car park was old, rundown, rusty and haggard, the perfect backdrop for the purpose of this shot. I was aiming for a dark mafia type shot for this image. Cool, calm, collected and if looks could kill, you'd be dead.

This image will be entered into the South Australian Professional Photography awards in 2009.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Kirra, Irish Deerhound photo shoot at Scott Creek, South Australia

Roaming a large Scott Creek property is the gorgeous Scottish Deerhound who goes by the name Kirra. She is a friendly old soul who warms to you without hesitation, even if you are a stranger. Although the weather was cold in the hills, my legs were warm where she was leaning against me as I was talking to her owner Dee and her friend Emma.

Scottish Deerhounds, unlike other breeds of dogs age a lot quicker. For each year they live, it is equivalent to 10 dog years as opposed to 7. Their lifespan is between 7 and 10 years. Kirra is 14 years young and when she's not puffed out from a nanna walk, she's galloping around like a 2 year old puppy.

She was a pleasure to photograph and I felt honoured to meet such a friendly beautiful animal.

-Benjamin Liew

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Latest update

It's been a while since Bens last post but that doesn't mean that nothings been happening. Quite the contratry in fact. Benjamin has been going through zone training which basically teaches one how to be in the 'zone'. Life isn't a battle of control, not if you just go with the flow. If your in the zone then everything good just happens. Benjamin is now the first Zone Trained photographer (visit for more info). In other news, has been revamped with less - less is more right? Still needs some work but it's a work in progress. Benjamin has been busier with admin as opposed to shooting but what better feeling is there than being ORGANISED?!

The studio will be taking on a couple of work experience students soon, so if there is a young person lurking around the studio setup, this is why. Benjamin is currently learning Italian so if you speak the language, please attempt to have a conversation with him in the language.

This is just a quick update so please stay tuned for photo's and more updates.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Expose Your World Competition 2008 Awards Presentation @ Blue Hotel, Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Last night was the long awaited Award presentation night for the Roving Eye Expose Your World 2008 Competition held at the Blue Hotel in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. It was a great opportunity to meet the other Finalists and Winners of the competition as well as the crew from Roving Eye - Joanna especially who made the whole thing happen. 

The grand prize went to Lung Liu who unfortunately wasnt able to be there, but I did get to meet his represantitive Katie who is a Sydney based photographer. Lung Liu is from Canada and took out the Photo Essay: Environmental Story category. 

I also met Trent Mitchell who flew up from Queensland and his brilliant photograph of Kirra Beach which was the Single Shot: Place - Category Winner as well as being finalist for the Photo Essay: Australian Story and also being Highly Commended in the Single Shot: People category. 

Michael Williams who I met also had shot the coolest series of photographs starring his Alaskan Malamute called Bondi in various places across Europe. Michael was the Category Winner for the Photo Essay: A Traveller's Tale. 

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Christine Bull who I shared in the Finalist position in the Wildlife Single Shot category. 

The images above are of the Blue Hotel itself. The first one is looking into the hotel and apartments, and the second one is looking towards the bar where the exhibition and presentations were. The other two images are self explanatory. 

Taking the photographs inside the next day was interesting. I asked permission from the front desk, and they obliged. I was shooting for half an hour and when I was on my way out, security walked past and said "you're not allowed to take random photographs in here". I don't know what threw me more: the fact that "Random Photographs" were being discriminated against or that I had already seeked permission and this guy decides to change the rules. Anyway, I got the shots I wanted and left. 

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sorana & Pauls Wedding photographs taken in Adelaide and it's surrounds

Congratulations to Sorana and Paul who were married on the 24th of January 2009 at Wesley Uniting Church in Kent Town. I had the honor of being selected to capture the day in photographs.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Henna Mushrooms

I woke up this morning with this crazy idea to use mushrooms as photographic subjects. Together with Humna's skills, we were able to create this little composition. 

This idea is being developed and more like it will be produced soon. Stay tuned.


Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Years Eve Fireworks photographs from Balmain, Sydney 2009

 Taken from the end of Darling Street, Balmain at Thornton Park at New Years Eve 2009.